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Millennium is currently in discussions for licenses to begin the evaluation phase of its first European project.


Using scientific innovation to effectively harvest untapped energy resources that traditional methods leave behind, Millennium Natural Resources is developing and deploying ISBC (In-situ Bioconversion process), a natural process that activates indigenous microbes in coal seams to produce methane. ISBC can reduce the cost of raw fuels required for energy production and is environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods for generating power from coal.  By rejuvenating unproductive coal territories through proprietary technologies that stimulate and optimise natural occurring processes, this technology is leading the way to efficiently produce natural gas through clean and sustainable methods.

The ISBC process involves the mix of a proprietary dilute solution of harmless non-toxic natural minerals, salts and nutrients at low concentration with the coal seam formation water, continuously circulating it through a coal seam (extraction wells).  These dilute chemicals stimulate the indigenous microbes already present in the coal seams to grow and convert a small portion of the coal carbon to methane gas.

ISBC is an all-natural process. It does not utilise any hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or dewatering of production wells. It is expected to cost less than current coal seam gas and conventional gas methods, with a significantly lower environmental impact.