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Millennium Natural Resources technology is based around a natural process for producing methane gas from coal by enhancing the indigenous microbial population.  Field trials have shown that the technology has higher productivity than that of traditional coal bed methane processes for generating natural gas from non-commercially mineable coal deposits, while reducing the environmental impact. 


Coal and formation water is sampled and analyzed for suitability for the ISBC process.  Nutrient formulas are then developed based upon coal and microbial analysis and existing water is pumped from wells in an underground coal seam to a specially designed surface facility where nutrients are supplemented/added.

The treated water is injected into the coal seam via one or more injection wells which stimulates growth of existing bacteria in the coal, microbes degrade the coal and archaea generate natural gas (methane).

Natural gas is produced to the surface using conventional gas production wells.  This is then separated from the water and delivered to gas pipelines. The produced water is re-treated for optimum concentrations of nutrients, and re-injected into the coal seam, continuing the process.

The achievements of this process include:

  • Proven facility design and engineering (160 acre pilot facility operated for a 12 month period)
  • Demonstrated low capital expenditure and operating costs to deploy
  • A proven and accurate underground reservoir model for forecasting gas production rates
  • Proven ability to comply with stringent regulatory requirements (has already passed and operated under stringent environmental permitting regime)
  • Has a template for facility construction and its effective operation, to ensure optimum natural gas production rate


  • No hydraulic fracturing needed or wanted
  • Low pressure water flow process
  • No gas produced from the ground
  • No toxic chemicals used or produced
  • Safe biotechnology approved by Ciris Energy


  • Minimal surface disturbance, no surface subsidence
  • Compatible with agricultural and livestock operations]
  • No degradation of water quality, no air emissions, no noise