A Hydrogen Economy is Key to our Future

Our Philosophy

Millennium Generation, like all the Millennium Group companies, has the objective of providing services that reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, but we look to achieve this by changing how we process our natural resources to support the continual global population growth.

With regards to electricity, the company believes that a balanced generation portfolio is the correct response to tackling the challenges of climate change. Biasing generation towards any single technology or resource is not the optimal way of ensuring security of supply and competitive low cost for the consumer. Furthermore, the development of economical technologies that allow the use of indigenous natural resources, can add value significantly beyond the direct mitigation of emissions from the end user. In short, Hydrogen is the future.

Hydrogen Networks - The Basics

Hydrogen, the humblest and most abundant element in existence, must play a vital role in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our global energy demands. Hydrogen is commonly found in fossil fuels, and if it can be produced centrally with minimal carbon emissions, the entire process of electricity generation from hydrogen can become a commodity supply opportunity; and an opportunity to take make a step change improvement in our carbon footprint.

The objective, to create a central ‘multi-fuel’ hydrogen production facility.  

The opportunity to provide quicker response times from regional power stations and reduce the cost of carbon capture.

Hydrogen, which can be stored as gas, liquid or solid, can be stored to balance out generation load factors. It can also be sold as a commodity for other industrial applications, such as transportation.

Containing more than three times the energy of most hydrocarbon fuels, its importance in reshaping the future clean energy landscape is unquestionable. It is simple science like this that can deliver a sustainable solution. What Millennium offers is the technical and commercial solution to make it work.