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Millennium Generation Ltd Taking Forward Transformational Engineering and Licensing Business

02 July 2015

Millennium Generation Ltd (MGL), which became a joint venture company between Calix Ltd, Grant Budge and HEL East Ltd in November 2012, is looking to develop a technology driven licensing and engineering business based on their majority shareholders proprietary technologies.

These technologies, which are under an exclusive licensing agreement to MGL for the United Kingdom and a non- exclusive license for the rest of Europe, are:

• an Endex reactor (for pre-combustion carbon capture for power generation and supply of industrial gases to process and manufacturing facilities)

• a Vortex Pyroliser (for the low temperature thermal gasification/pyrolisis of low grade and low ranking coals

From these two leading technologies, it is the former of these, the Endex Reactor, that is currently being pursued, following successful award of £5.8 million Grant under the UK Government Carbon Capture and Storage innovation programme in 2012 to deliver a demonstration facility.

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