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Millennium Generation Ltd Completes Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for 2MW Endex Demonstration Facility

02 July 2015

MGL has recently completed Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a 2MW Endex Demonstration Facility, which is to be located at a site in the Yorkshire/Humberside region of the UK.

This has clearly demonstrated the practical engineering and commercial licensing potential that sits behind the IPR; but the next stage in commercialization is to have a fully operational demonstration facility to optimize process design, operational performance and scale-up engineering.

The demonstration facility will:

• be rated at 2MW thermal, equivalent to 1MW electrical

• demonstrate pre-combustion carbon capture at >85% on fuel gas from reformed natural gas

• demonstrate integrated reformation, shift and capture reactions within a single reactor design

• demonstrate a capture reaction process that is near thermally balanced and, which across the fully integrated power station, is forecast to reduce net power output by only <4%

With this performance and process design, MGL holds the key to driving low cost carbon capture forward, which, when integrated with a cluster transport and storage network, can facilitate long term security of supply electricity, diversity of supply in the energy portfolio, and affordability to the consumer. MGL believes the Endex reactor will be best positioned to exploit the carbon capture market for four key reasons;

• It is being designed to be ‘fossil fuel’ flexible. Being able to operate on natural gas and syngas from coal allows a station of the future to commodity arbitrage better between the price for power and the costs of CO2, gas and coal; facilitating enhanced station load factors.

• Because it is preā€combustion, it operates with a standard CCGT power island at its heart, facilitating both new build and retrofit markets.

• Due to the Endex reactors ‘array’ based design, turndown capability can be better optimised to match supply to demand.

• Most importantly, its cost performance based on current engineering design is forecast to be 15% to 20% lower than competing technologies based on natural gas as a raw fuel.

“The Endex is a unique technology. A potentially transformational technology. Many of the issues surrounding pre- combustion capture systems are associated to the historic temperature and pressure requirements, the capital costs of IGCC for coal and the impact on station efficiency. We believe through the Endex design we have something that challenges all these paradigms. We have a process that is lower temperature and pressure, holds a thermally balanced reaction and can potentially allow fuel switching between coal and gas, without the need for significant additional infrastructure. Once demonstrated, it could provide the leading low cost solution of CCS and help us drive in earnest towards reducing the impact of fossil fuels.” - Grant Budge, Millennium Group Director.


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