Engineering clean energy for our future
Engineering clean energy for our future

About Millennium Generation

Millennium Generation Ltd is a UK based joint venture company established in 2011 to develop and commercialise the proprietary clean energy solutions of its Australian shareholder Calix Ltd.

These technologies are:

The Endex Reactor – is a pre-combustion capture technology that can be deployed across all fossil fuel power stations; can operate as embedded clean generation and/or waste gas clean-up for industrial facilities.

The Vortex Pyrolyser – is a low temperature gasification system for the conversion of low grade and low ranking coals into a high hydrogen content gas stream.

The company is based in the UK and is set up to offer engineering and licensing services for these two technologies. The company is looking to work with clients who want to minimise their costs to generate low carbon power; or those seeking to exploit waste or low ranking coal sources.