Changing the Emissions Profile for the Full Supply Chain

Services & Products

Millennium Asset Management offers a range of products & services to our end users.


Diesel additive – A blended catalyst suspended in a solvent carrier, which is mixed into fuel in a controlled manner. The catalyst facilitates improved oxidation efficiency, reducing unwanted gaseous emissions.

The product is supplied per litre, in standard liquid barrel, suitable for handling with a forklift or other small manual-handling tool. Dosing rates are generally <1% by volume, so embedded with the supply we look to provide a suitable dosing management system.

Oil additive – A unique product that can be added to any type of lubricant and directly reduces frictional forces and mitigating wear, providing a platform for extended component and oil life.  The product has been validated under numerous applications and Millennium seek to extend this use into the mining, metals and minerals sectors.


Asset Management – Across our team we have global experience of managing large heavy industrial mobile equipment and logistic fleets.  We appreciate the challenges and stress the environment can put on equipment in delivery of its service, and we understand the pressures of asset availability in pursuit of the best return on capital invested.  What we look to do is work with our clients to establish basic reporting systems to drive route cause analysis and optimise capital planning, to ensure robust ‘cradle to grave’ asset management at the lowest life cycle per hour.

Our reporting systems cover two key approaches:

Quality control – a rapid interrogation tool for the assessment of compliance with best practice asset management under ISO55000, allowing proactive risk based continuous improvement to be driven.

Cost control – a real time interrogation tool and methodology for profiling equipment behaviors and costs, allowing real time targeting of high cost chronic issues.  This tool is designed to help understand at the ‘coal face’, the impact of our everyday asset management and maintenance decisions on the company’s return on capital invested.

Our primary focus for all products and services is across the Americas and Europe, but where we support clients who operate outside these areas, we are happy to engage and extend our offering to deliver full client coverage.