Reducing Your Costs while Reducing Your Emissions

Our Philosophy

Millennium Asset Management, like all the Millennium Group companies, has the objective of providing services and solutions that reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, and we are striving to discover ways that this can be delivered through todays commercial world.

Our approach in providing our services is to work closely with our clients to maximise the benefits. Sustainability is rarely delivered through outsourcing. Ultimately, we aim to provide our clients the benefits of outsourcing, from within their own team.

Our approach covers four key building blocks:

  • The supply of fuel additive acts to immediately reduce diesel consumption from 5% to 18% dependent on application and equipment
  • The supply of oil additive that acts to mitigate wear and component failure, distressing maintenance plans
  • The supply of bespoke reporting systems aligned to ISO55000 to drive adherence to best practice process
  • The supply of bespoke cost management tool to focus continuous improvement activities and enhance capital planning decision making

Millennium AMI knows that true sustainable performance comes from changing the way people work; but all too frequently the pressures of immediate financial results can create an impregnable roadblock to achieving such change.  That’s why we have brought together a unique set of products and services that combine to deliver both sustainability and the freedom to drive change as a result of immediate costs savings.

The diagram below illustrates our approach to our customers.  The active implementation is phased and runs from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner, but ultimately these works would be preceded by a brief scoping study to quantify the client’s value opportunity.

Direct Cost Reductions - Immediate Step Change

Stage 1 is the supply of our unique licenced and approved fuel additive. Based on experience, this can achieve up to a 3% reduction in the total cost of ownership of equipment.

Stage 2 is the supply of our unique licenced and approved oil additive, which has been demonstrated to reduce wear rates significantly at very low dosage rates. At the same time we introduce the oil additive, we would look to establish the quality control system and train the clients team in the use of it to support best process asset management.

Stage 3 is the final stage, whereby we extend the reporting to provide cost control tools and complete the the creation of a sustainable process.

Due to the unique structure of our products and services, we can ensure that your hourly asset cost of ownership will never exceed the existing cost.