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SSE may accept penalty charge in order to close coal-fired power plant

09 February 2016

SSE says it will most likely be closing the 1995 MW Fiddler's Ferry coal-fired plant from April 1, despite gaining a government capacity contract designed to incentivise back-up plants to stay online.

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Coal demand to increase to 2040

05 February 2016

The long-term future of coal as a major energy source is often portrayed as being at risk

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Millennium Asset Management Ltd Signs Business Development Agreement with Gexcon AS

02 July 2015

Millennium Asset Management Ltd (MAMIL), a UK based company, has signed a development agreement with Gexcon AS, which provides a basis for collaboration and exchange of offerings that could enhance the business growth of both companies going forward.

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Millennium AMI Ltd Launch Service Offerings to the Mining and Metals Industry

02 July 2015

Millennium AMI Ltd, a UK based company, has launched their service offering to the mining, minerals and metals industry throughout Europe and North and South America. The business, which was incorporated in the Millennium Group of Companies in April 2015, is focused on heavy equipment and fixed process plant operators who need and want to enhance their cost base to stay competitive, through improving and optimising management of their assets.

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