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It is Conservative climate policy incoherence that is fueling this Lords stand-off

27 January 2016

Every functioning, or indeed half-functioning, democracy needs its checks and balances; its mechanisms for forcing a government to think again when it is pursuing strategies that are incoherent, unmandated, or self-defeating. Consequently, the only surprising thing about the imminent battle between the government and the House of Lords over energy and climate policy is that it has taken this long to emerge.

The news over the weekend that Labour and Lib Dem peers are threatening to derail government plans to bring an early end to onshore wind farm subsidies, just as Labour seeks to force a ministerial rethink on carbon capture and storage (CCS) suggests that after six months when the Conservatives have been given a pretty easy ride the political battle over the UK's decarbonisation strategy could be about to heat up.

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