Delivering emission reduction solutions for our future
Delivering emission reduction solutions for our future
Millennium Generation Engineering and licensing solutions for carbon capture and low temperature thermal desorption of low grade coals Read more >
Millennium Environmental Generation of clean energy and industrial gases for the power and industrial sectors Read more >
Millennium Natural Resources In-situ conversion of coal to natural gas Read more >
Millennium Asset Management Supplying products and application know how to extend equipment life and reduce operating costs Read more >

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Millennium Group encompasses four independent companies, who together look to provide an integrated strategy for carbon and emissions reductions across the full value/supply chain. We look to mitigate carbon and other green house gas emissions right from the extraction of the raw minerals, through its transportation to added value user, through to its consumption by the consumer.

Many businesses seek to provide services at a single point in the value chain, but the Millennium group of companies looks to help industry find a solution to their emissions footprint across the full value chain, helping to address the issue of climate change holistically.